Semi-automatic sealing device BS-1

With our table tray sealing device you can package your vegetables
in a controlled atmosphere. The exact sealing with compressed air
support and the automatic contour cut assure optimum freshness and
an attractive sales packaging.

General information

Max. width of foil: 420 mm
Usable height: 115 mm
Ext. dimensions: 520 x 790 x 430 mm
Inc. undercarriage: 520 x 790 x 1160 mm
Weight: 39 (91 kg incl. undercarriage)
Compressed air connection: 6 bar

Sealing plate

Maximum height of the tray: 115 mm. Frames/ uses can not be confirmed before having checked a sample of the trays. Different uses are available upon request.

Single use 285 x 420 mm ø 285 mm 275 x 380 mm
Double use 285 x 205 mm
ø 200 mm
138 x 400 mm 275 x 175 mm
Triple use 130 x 285 mm 275 x 112 mm
Fourfold use 205 x 140 mm 98 x 285 mm 130 x 175 mm
Sixfold use ø 90 mm

Product features

General details

  • Semiautomatic closing of trays
    with sealable foil
  • Robust stainless steel construction,
    ready-to-connect unit
  • Splash-proof components
  • Easy maintenance


  • Automatic outline cutting
  • Compressed air support for a
    firm sealing result
  • Teflon-coated surface
  • Easy changing of tools


  • Easy-to-operate
  • Temperature and sealing time adjustable


  • Mobile machine support made
    from stainless steel
  • Very soft, sound-absorbed compressor with
    a noise emission value of only 40 dB(A), wattage 0,7 kW
  • We have a great variety of
    sealing frames in stock
  • Sealing frames in special sizes upon request