We are process and product technologists committed to advancing food and other industries with science and imagination. Whether you measure success by flavor, efficiencies, improvement, or innovation, count on us to deliver results.

In Lifa, we specialize in dealing with machinery and equipment relating to the food processing industry,  which include meat, seafood, processed food, catering, F&B, market place, hygiene & etc.

Lifa have been around in this industry for more than a decade. We started up as a servicing company, providing service and maintenance to different kind of machines in the industry.

We focus on a “Service First – Sales Second” mentality and strives to provide our customers with quality and efficient services in order to reach ultimate customer’s satisfaction. We strongly believe in keeping a strong relationship and trust between our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

Despite the fact that we have grown throughout the years, we have not forgotten our roots. We emphasize on what we deem priority in our business, that is to provide the best after sales services and strong maintenance to our customer. 

Our service team is always available on standby 24/7 and we are available 365 days a year.

We sincerely look forward to co-operating with your company and make everyday food better. 


Our boss, Mr Ben Ng, has always been known in the industry for his strong servicing skills and commitment throughout the years since he was still a worker in his previous company. His commitment to servicing has also gain trust with suppliers who are market leaders to work together to provide the best service for our customers in our area. Along with his guidance, our team has always been able to serve our customer in the right way.

His philosophy is Even the most outstanding salesperson has to be able to provide service and maintenance”. With this, even our admin staff are able to provide basic troubleshooting. He looks forward to continue leading us to be the leader in this industry.


Our mission is to turn your product ideas into reality, and we’re excited to solve challenges and experiment with new concepts. We work with you to understand your specific product and packaging objectives and processes, and we nurture these ideas in a free environment. Then we work with you to apply the latest technologies and develop innovative solutions that stands the test of trial.

To deliver total solutions, customer-focused systems and professional integration together with our high-quality products which allows us to support you with the finest knowledge and adding value to your business.

We listen carefully and do our best to exceed expectations in everything we do. We stand by our clients and are the first company they call when they need help.

Our passion for excellence and exceeding expectations drives our creativity, engineering, and perseverance. We deliver quality, scale, and results to our clients and add success to each project to help them offer the best products possible.


We strive to provide the best available for our customers.


  • Effective & efficient service team

  • Customer is always our priority

  • Committed front line to serve your needs

  • High quality products

  • Professional advice and support from partners around the world

  • Reasonable and competitive prices