Automatic thermo-sealing
machine BS-47 Compact

The functional design of type BS 47 Compact allows to vacuum, to gas and to
seal various tray sizes in a very user-friendly way. The shortened automatic
loading conveyor belt simplifies finding an optimal place of erection for the machine.

General information

Max. seal: 400 x 285 mm
Max. height of tray: 100 mm
Working cycle: 2-3 pro Minute
Ext. dimensions: 1,56 x 0,99 x 1,66
Chamber depth: 100* mm
Weight: 420 kg
Vacuum pump: 100 m3/h
Connection: 3 x 230/ 400V, 50Hz
Power: 3,7 kW

Sealing plate

Single use 400 x 285 x 100 280 ø x 100
Double use 280 x 190 x 100 190 ø x 100
Triple use 280 x 130 x 100 130 ø x 100
Max. seal: 400 x 285 mm
Max. height of the tray: 100 mm
Max. width of the foil: 470 mm
Max. diameter of the foil: 220 ø mm
Cycle: 2-3 per minute

Product features

  • Sealing tools in single, double and triple versions
  • Easy and fast change of sealing tools
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304 and Peraluman aluminium
  • Protection degree IP55
  • Tray presence check on loading plane with automatic start of the sealing process
  • Seal foil spool hygienically protected during loading and passage
  • Automatic feeding and rest foil collector device
  • Automatic temperature regulation of the sealing plate
  • Machine operated by Siemens control system and PLC
  • Different programs and tray depths to choose from
MAP function
  • Vacuum and gas controlled by a digital vacuum gauge which is controlled by PLC
  • Equipped with gas storage unit to guarantee optimal pressure
  • Security valve to make possible use of gas with high oxygen percentage (O2_>21%)


System for pre-printed seal foils (inclusive light barrier and control extension)


For working with the machine compressed air is needed. These minimum features of the compressed air generator have to be fulfilled: Incoming pressure: 5 bar · Generation capacity: 200 litres per minute · Storage air tank: 50 litres · Compressed air consumption at 5 bar: approx. 30 litres per cycle